Hong Kong2



This is the travel diary when I travel Hongkong 10years ago.

I climbed towards the observation deck of Victoria Peak. It was very large for an observatory with a 30 meter handrail. People looked at the scenery while leaning on it. I wanted to look from the front row, but it took me a while to get to the front row because people blocked me. Unfortunately, it was drizzling rain, but it wasn’t heavy enough to open my umbrella. When I managed to secure the front row, I could see the peak of the sunset.

The evening scape of Victoria Peak was unfortunately disturbed by evening fog, but it was still beautiful.

There was a crowded group of high-rise buildings at the front side, and they seemed to be competing for height. Before I came here , a bus guide said that hong kong is a small country, so the urban area is limited in space and can only be extended vertically. However, that makes this a beautiful spectacle. There was a river which curved gently behind the buildings, and the surface of the water flowed calmly. Its colour was not as nice as the Mediterranean Sea or a beach resort, but it was pretty for a big city. There were cargo ships sailing slowly on the river, too.
On the other side of the river there were smaller buildings – maybe these were residential, but there was also a few large buildings. In the background, there was also a series of uneven mountain ranges.

The sun was setting over the river and clouds to the right of me. A soft orange light falling on the buildings, the river, and the distant mountains. The light reflected the silhouette of a thin, tall building onto the surface of the river making it appear like the reflection on the back of a spoon. Occasionally, the silhouette was exposed to the ripples created by the boats and the shape was blurred, but after the ship passed away and the water regained its calmness the silhouette returned to its beautiful figure. The evening view seen from here was perfect and it would be hard to change anything about it. It was as if it were wearing the sacred light emitted from the buddha.

But the orange sunlight didn’t completely fill up all of the scenery. On the opposite side of the river with the residential buildings there was a black cloud which seemed to be causing violent rain. And from the cloud shot yellow branched lightning like the root of the mangrove. People raised their voice in shock every time thunder echoed after the lightning. The scenery in front of me was really strange. I felt as if I had been shown the earth’s gentleness and savageness at the same time.

And it also made me feel that the earth was living like us. As is if it were breathing.


I saw the sunset for awhile and after taking a picture I went to the restaurant downstairs. I thought it would crowded, but perhaps because it was expensive (more than 10 dollars for a cup of coffee) it was not as crowded as I had imagined. The waiter led me to the window seats. There I asked for a cup of coffee, enjoyed the scenery, surfed the internet and waited for the sun to go down.

I might have waited about two hours. I finally left the restaurant when I was sure it was fully night time.


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