Hong Kong3


This is travel diary when l travel Hong Kong 10 years ago.

It was night time during early summer. But because of the rain I felt cold enough to need gloves. The observatory was also located in a place where the wind blew strong from the mountains.

Perhaps because of the wind and drizzle the observatory was relatively empty at night and I was able to stand in the front row easily.

The night view was completely different from sunset.

The night view was awash with sparkling lights. Among them was a building that was illuminated vertically with “Hong Kong”. There were also lasers shining blue and green light from the top of many buildings. This added colour to the sky while they moved from side to side.


The red, purple, and blue neon lights from the building reflected on the surface of the water in the river and it was swaying like a mirage. The intense color reminded me of a lady’s eye make-up applied for a special party . Some sightseeing boats moved like fireflies across the surface of the water. They were blocked by the building in front of me, disappeared and showed up again.

At night, the scene seemed to be more dressed up compared with the evening.

It was a gorgeous scenery, but it was hampered by fog. This fog wrapped up the scenery making it almost mysteriously. The black rain cloud seen in the daytime was now approaching the tall buildings past the river. Occasionally, when the thunder roared, the lightning blinked like a strobe, and the group of buildings and the river were cut out there in pieces like a photograph which caught a definite moment.

I wanted to see it as long as possible, but it took about five minutes and the rain was getting a little bit more intense, so I took refuge under a nearby roof. I thought I’d give up looking at the night view. “If I live, I can come again someday.”

It is a line which I always think when I’m going to leave a place with regret. When I was thinking about how to get to the hotel, I saw the bus stop ahead of me. There was a bus ticket office nearby, so I bought a ticket. The bus seemed to go near the hotel, so I waited under the roof for a while and jumped on a few minutes before the bus left and ran so as not to get wet in the rain.

When I got on the bus I sat down by the window. The rain was getting much more intense and the raindrops on the bus window were about the size of big coins.

I thought that it might be the rain cloud with that thunder which I saw during the evening.

From the car window  I could see the light of ovservatory which was blurred by the rain and rain drops.




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