Thailand Phucket2


When I was watching the emerald green sea from the deck, the inside of the ship started to make a noise. I wondered what it was?

Every time there was a loud noise, the ship shook.
An old white couple appeared very annoyed, but the Thais ignored it.

Next to a Middle Eastern man a woman with brown skin that looked like his wife was holding his hands and feet, saying she was sorry about what he was trying to do. The guide also tried to stop him, but it was hard. But after he spoke some Arabic, he suddenly fell asleep as if he had been switched off.

“I’m sorry to bother you. I think he was drinking too much, because in our country he is not allowed to drink.” His wife said. An old Caucasian couple who had an unpleasant look seemed convinced by her story. Then the ship anchored at an inlet on an uninhabited island. So passengers had free time and started snorkeling and playing on the beach.

I wasn’t in the mood and stayed on board. There were only a sleeping Middle Eastern man and his wife on board. I moved to closer to them and told her I could look after her husband if she wanted to go swimming or to the beach.

She looked at the joy on her husband’s sleeping face. He was probably around 27/28 years old. On his brown eyes, the man wore flashy purple make-up and on his ears he wore large earrings engraved with the geometric pattern of the Middle East.

“No. It’s all right., thank you. I don’t even have a swimsuit.”
She said. “Maybe they sell them at that store?” I pointed.

She looked confused. “No. Swimwear is useless.”
When I asked why, she told me it was for religious reasons.

I apologized. “I didn’t know. I’m sorry.” I said.
She smiled lightly, “It’s fine. At least I can wear makeup and wear casual clothes when I come to Thailand. I’m very happy.”
It might have been an illusion of mine, but her face looked a little bit sad.

At the beach, she looked at the other tourists playing and said, “But it looks really fun.” She turned to face the sea while saying this and I couldn’t see what her face looked like.

I was awkward because of the silence, but after a while her husband woke up and scratched his eyes. She turned to him and her husband kissed her.

I took this as an opportunity to return to my seat, and after some time passengers were returning to the ship. Everyone was soaked, but it looked like they all had a great time.

Then the ship left the cove and headed for the next destination. On the way back to the main island of Phuket, the guide explained that there was a rock protruding from the sea that was in a movie starring a famous American actor, but I didn’t hear the name.

On the way back, I still thought about the Middle Eastern couple. I dreamt about what she would do when she returned home. Perhaps she is wearing that black dress often seen in the Middle East. I have heard that most women cannot drive in Islamic countries in the Middle East. Certainly sports are regulated. Does she only take joy in her husband ? Or does she have any other fun? And is she happy now?

I thought about that all the way back to the main island of Phuket. At the end, she got off the boat, talked a few words with her husband, laughed at him and walked along the quay.
If she was born in Japan, she could come in a swimsuit and play on the beach. Of course, I’m not sure which one is happier, but one thing I would say is that I was born in a blessed environment where she would have more choice.

I came to Thailand for work and I worked hard for 1 year and 8 months, but it was a difficult market and I was not able to expand the business. So the company chose to move me. I didn’t have enough experience yet in order to succeed and I was very disappointed.

My plan was to relax and stay in the hotel, but my experience with the middle eastern couple earlier showed me that I have so many choices and that I must take advantage of this. So at night I decided to go to see Muay Thai. What are you hesitating for? I asked myself. Let’s go out after watching the sunset.
As I walked along the quay that leads to the taxi rank, I told myself, “I must be happy,” and her lonely face disappeared.

The waves and the wind hitting the quay were getting stronger and stronger.
I felt like the wind was supporting my decision to go out and experience Muay Thai, but I also felt like it was consoling me with regards work.

Thank you for reading