Thailand Phuket 1



I thought the sunset was a lonely thing.
I don’t know why the sunset I saw in Phuket, Thailand wasn’t lonely, but it made me feel like I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

I saw the sunset at a rocky cliff beyond the empty sandy beach. It was all the way to the right of the hotel’s private beach. When I tried to climb I put my hand on the black rocks. It cut me and caused blood, but I climbed on without worrying about it.

Perhaps in Japan, they wouldn’t let you climb this rock and they would have it cordoned off. However, I climbed the rock and I could see the sunset above the sea. I walked beyond the rocks to see the evening sunset in more detail.

This was summer in Thailand, but it can be a bit cold in the morning and evening. Of course, it’s not cold enough to snow, but it’s cold enough to require long-sleeved jackets. During this walk it got colder. The wind from the sea felt stronger as I got closer to it.

Even when I walked, my feet were in pain from my flimsy flip-flops. The sunset had an orange color that I had never seen before.

The sunset seen in Japan is wrapped in orange, radiating light that blends in with other landscapes, but the sun I’m watching right now casts a long, long shadow over the sea and resists desperately setting. I felt like the orange color was deep and strong and personified strength. I bit my lower lip. Recently, some of my dry lips were cut and I could smell the blood.

I closed my eyes and remembered the day I spent in Phuket.


First we arrived at the airport and headed to the hotel.
The hotel had a private beach and was a little bit expensive. I have been assigned to work in Bangkok, Thailand, but I will finish in 1 year and 8 months.

So at the end I planned a trip to Phuket and I thought I’d treat myself with a nice hotel. The hotel was a mysterious structure with a mix of log house and Thai style.

In the hotel pool, the magenta flowers, whose name I didn’t even know, were in full bloom. At the pool, a white elderly couple was enjoying the sun while bathing. This is a sight I often see at a beach resort hotel.

For a while, I spent a relaxing time drinking sweet juice made of watermelon at the bar with a view of the pool. Often my trips are not extravagant. Usually, it would have been nice for a hotel to have hot water and a decent bed. But my desire for a slow trip this time made me choose a different option. Probably about 2 hours later, I returned to the room and changed into some clothes to go outside. This is to go on a tour to see the mangroves.

A minivan picked me up at the hotel. About 10 people were on board, and there were a white couple, an old couple, a Thai and a Middle Eastern group. The minivan got to the port and we boarded the ship from there. The tour brought you by boat to see some strange rock formations and mangroves.

The passengers all looked happy, but I couldn’t get used to the atmosphere. I went out on the deck and stared at the sea alone. I began to wish I hadn’t taken the tour. After a while, I could see mangroves from the ship, but my heart wasn’t in it. The captain looked at me strange.

Thank you for reading !